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Trinity Bay

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The Trip

I provide all the rods, reels, lures, and ice and clean and bag all fish. If you want to use live bait we can, you are responsible for it.

Bay Fishing Packages


Half-day $500

1-3 people

$50 for 4th person 

$100 deposit due at booking

Full-day $650

1-3 people

$50 for 4th person

$100 deposit due at booking



22' Kenner - Minn kota trolling motor - Lowrance Elite Electronic & GPS, Power Pole



Captain Ernest Pillow III

When I was four years old, my grandfather began taking me to catfish farm in Nashville, TN. I had no reel but instead a simple cane pole with a line tied to the tip. We would swing-it out and wait patiently for that floatie to just start bobbling. I was always quick to jump to a good old Zebco 33, push button!  Countless, unforgettable other memories on the water would continue to be made with my grandfather for the next six years.   

At age 10, my family and I moved to Houston where I explored saltwater fishing for the first time. That initial trip was an exciting get-rough adventure but after several other successful\unsuccessful ones, I began to develope an undeniable attraction for life in the bay. I was hooked!   

In 1999, I purchased my first boat after a series of failed trips. In addition, I hired highly recommend guide, Mickey Eastman. He did not disappoint! I, then met John D. Landry who educated me even further on the world of saltwater fishing.

In 2000, I received my captin's license and purchased a bigger boat, a 22 ft Century. It would be an important part of several other successful trips. Today, I own 22ft Kenner and I love it! My passion for fishing is stronger now than it has ever been. I genuinely look forward to exciting times and fun experiences on the water with you! Whether you're looking for super-intense fishing hunt and catch or just a simple, laid back day on the water. You've come to the right guy! I would be honor to accommodate you and your party! I look forward hearing from you. Live or artificial, let's get 'em! Thank you.

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